Minds.com Token Purchase Summary

Minds.com Token Purchase Summary

This brief summary and video shows the process of buying Minds Tokens.

Step One: Get Brave Browser

The process of trading ETH to Minds Tokens is Way Easer with the MetaMask wallet. I found that MetaMask works better on the Brave browser https://brave.com/download/

Step Two: Install MetaMask

1000% easier to use the MetaMask wallet, even if you only use for Minds Tokens. Your private key appears exposed to Minds, and the “system” of buying tokens works so much easer. I suggest making a wallet just for the token.

How to setup your wallet with MetaMask

Step Three: Send ETH To MetaMask Wallet

First you need some ETH. That is out of scope of this quick summery. If you don’t have ETH Coinbase is the easiest to to buy ETH with a credit card/bank account https://www.coinbase.com

If you are totally new to Crypto and would like to “get in” and buy some Bitcoin, start here. EVERYONE tends to start with Coinbase. Checkout the below video from Crypto Love if you are new getting into Crypto.

Radiant Creators Interview With Crypto Love


How to Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – The Safe and Easy Way!

MetaMack ETH Wallet After ETH Received

0.1931434 ETH In Wallet

0.1931434 ETH In Wallet

Step Four: Buy Minds.com Tokens With ETH

Step Four is covered in this Video

Much is covered in the “How to buy MINDS tokens” page at Minds.com but will go over briefly.

How to buy MINDS tokens

Minds.com Purchase Tokens Page

(need to be logged into minds account)

Of course best to buy an amount your ETH covers.

Confirm all the boxes

Open MetaMask wallet to confirm purchase


If all works Minds will thank you

An email quickly arrives confirming purchase

When all is done, check your wallet

Quantum Detox – Full Body Detoxification – Rife Frequencies – Binaural Beats

Not making any claims this works, but it is enjoyable listening!

Quantum Detox – Full Body Detoxification – Rife Frequencies – Binaural Beats

High Quality MP3 version can be purchased here: https://sellfy.com/p/IFlb/

Quantum Detox – Full Body Detoxification – Rife Frequencies – Binaural Beats – Meditation Music

Magnetic Minds:

Available Here: https://sellfy.com/p/IFlb

This video contains frequencies which will greatly assist in Full Body Detoxification and Toxin Removal in general.

These frequencies are based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife.

Rife was a 20th century inventor who through frequency was able to cure many ailments of the body, including most common illnesses that we seek medical assistance for today.

The “Schumann Resonance” (7.83 Hz) (Earths Vibrational Frequency) is also included to provide Cellular Regeneration while the frequencies detox the body.

The following frequencies are contained in this video:

10000 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (Full Body)

6766 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (Lymphs and Glands)

5000 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (Full Body – Lower Octave)

3713 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (Endocrine System)

3176 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (Nervous System)

222 Hz
Pure Tone
Rife Healing Frequency (General Detox)

20 Hz
Binaural Beats
Rife Healing Frequency “Cure All”
Carrier Frequency: 222 Hz

7.83 Hz
Monaural Beats
Schumann Resonance (Earths Vibrational Frequency)
Carrier Frequency: 136.1 Hz (“OM”) C#