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Melinda Norman (Marigold Healing) is a licensed professional counselor and holds an MS in Counseling. She also holds a Reiki Master status which can be introduced as part of your work together. She also brings in elements of Shamanic work such as Past Life Regression and soul retrieval for those in alignment with those methods. Her office is in Beaverton, Oregon and Skype sessions are available. Her approach to therapy focuses on developing and strengthening your authentic self by recognizing and detaching from the use of your ego identity. Melinda will emphasize and teach the importance of archetypal shadow work, present moment living, and purifying your intent behind every action to reflect this authentic self. Through this process you will find that you experience a life of greater joy and freedom as you are no longer living within the limitations that have been created for you through a lifetime of societal indoctrination or experienced traumas. Her treatment focuses include:

  • Generational trauma
  • Divorce and break up transitions
  • Narcissistic abuse recovery
  • Abandonment and attachment
  • Highly sensitive children
  • Non religious spiritual development

“Marigold Healing is certainly not for everyone. The therapy that Ms. Norman offers has the distinct intention of coming to an end as soon as possible. She has the ability to see the issues you are dealing with or need to deal with, put you in the room with them and stand in the doorway to prevent you from running away until you face them, deal with them and put them to rest. It’s very uncomfortable, very rapid and very effective. Rather than prolonging therapy and dragging the pain out for months or years; Melinda provides an environment and method that assists her clients with all the tools they need to step in the ring with that which is holding them back from their highest, most authentic self and walk out of the ring with the championship prize held high above their heads.” -Daniel-

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Content Mentioned During Interview

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