Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers – Space Weather & 12,000 Year Cataclysm Cycles

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Researcher, analyst and author Ben Davidson is the founder of the Suspicious Observers YouTube channel which specializes in the science surrounding the Earth, the Sun and the Cosmos. Davidson said that there appears to be some sort of planetary event involving a massive solar outburst every 12,000 years that results in sudden changes and great loss of life due to a disruption in the magnetic field of the Earth.

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Content Mentioned During Interview

Get Space Weather Alerts with The Disaster Prediction App
The Disaster Prediction App will show you the current state of the sun, it’s effects on earth, earthquake events, and areas of the earth likely to have large earthquakes. There is a space weather portion of the App and an Earthquake portion of the App.

Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun by Ben Davidson
This book simplifies the latest advancements in understanding the sun-earth connection and will allow the reader to understand the direction of the field.

World in Peril: The Origin , Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th / 72nd Reconnaissance Squadron

Graham Hancock ~ Ice Age Theory ~ Einstein ~ Hapgood

Graham Hancock has a new book out. Hope he comes to the Suspicious Observers Conference in 2020. Maybe mention SO on an Amazon book review?
America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization

Chan Thomas – The Adam And Eve Story The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED)

Full text of Chan Thomas – The Adam And Eve Story – Chapter One: The Next Cataclysm

Scientists Find Evidence That Your Brain Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field

Financial worker puts job on hold to pursue astrophysics passion

Learn about Space Weather with the SUN SERIES

Earth Catastrophe Cycle

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