Chatting with Kate Hart about Cosmic Rays & Evolutionary Leaps, Sacrificing Doom for Bliss and Getting into Crypto & being part of the first peaceful revolution.

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I want to say that I do not live in fear. I live in being prepared while having faith in the here and now. I love my earth mother. I love that she is changing, morphing and eventually becoming even more of what she is meant to be – a beautiful wild sphere with humans co-exisiting in a respectful manner.

I love that the solar system is integrated, reacting, breathing, while dramatically changing – all within some of our lifetimes. This is a way to an even better world. I am honored to play a small part in this incredible time. I invite you to join me. I invite you to share. I invite you to live in a community and a solution based world. I invite you to co-create along with me in this next gorgeous evolution. Source

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Content Mentioned During Interview

Kate Hart – Connect To Your Core Voice

Stella Natura 2019 Biodynamic Planting Calendar

The Power of Vibrational Medicine: Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature

Sayonic 3: Language of Frequency

A combination of portal tones, solfaggios tones, and the Shumann Frequency. Sayonic means “Language of Frequency” – what the language was called when Atlantis ceased to be.

Spinal Cord of God

– Quite the story about Transformation….that is a real barn burner

The Spinal Cord of God references where all events and actions of Being have been recorded since the beginning of time. It is with the intention of creating a catalyst for memory, eradicating fear and judgment so that we may evolve to higher dimensions.


A 45 minute meditative celestial orchestration designed to elevate DNA and raise chromosome frequencies. Very powerful, as the listener feels deeply relaxed within a short period of time.

The Secret Life of Plants

Secrets of the Soil : New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet

The Secret Life of Nature: Living in Harmony With the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks

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