Thomas Sheridan – Cultivating Wildness In The 21st Century

Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist and filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland who came to international recognition in 2011 with the book Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath. In the years since, he has written several more books, and has made films on topics such as social engineering, political and corporate pathology, and on to the occult foundations surrounding the emerging years of the Third Reich. In recent times, his work into ancient mysteries and locations has been featured in some of the world’s largest media outlets, and he is a highly sought-after public speaker around the world. 

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Thomas Sheridan


Beyond Room 313


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Items Referenced During Interview

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Interview With Thomas Sheridan – You Are A Magician Not A Pawn

2020 Psychic Weather Preview | Thomas Sheridan |

“To wait for a great awakening among the masses is an elegant form of suicide.” – Thomas Sheridan 2018 (YouTube: Get off the Chessboard)

“Utopia is you spending your life surrounded by the people and things you love and embarking on a path of creation that makes your life and the world a little better” – Thomas Sheridan 2018 (YouTube: Get off the Chessboard)

Liber Providence – The Real Necronomicon – HP Lovecraft DOCUMENTARY | Thomas Sheridan |

From “The Culling of Wildness” Topic

Heilung | LIFA – Krigsgaldr LIVE

The Story of Iron John, by Robert Bly (Live recording of Bly telling the story)

Iron John – 1 of 4 – 25th Anniversary Storytelling (Newer recording, and good)

From “Left wing politics, Marxism and Socialism being consigned to the gutter, being very 20th century” Topic


Hoping we leave these sad looking creatures in the 20th Century
Hoping we leave these sad looking creatures in the 20th Century

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