Robert Young Pelton – Dawn Of The “Neo-Pioneer American” Think Locally Act Locally

Robert Young Pelton is back on the show sharing his thoughts on finding opportunity in worst case scenarios, the best in human nature found in war zones, and Think Locally Act Locally. We coined a new term for the type of person that will thrive during these times, “Neo-Pioneer American”.   

RYP wrote several editions of  The World’s Most Dangerous Places – Travel guide to the world’s most dangerous places.

Well Now…

The World Is Now A Dangerous Place!

While listening to this interview two quotes to keep in mind:

“Never confuse what you are afraid of, with what can kill you” ~ RYP

“We are losing the love of risk, we are letting fear prevent us from being great” ~ RYP

Source: Robert Young Pelton – Dangerous Places Revisited

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Previous Show With RYP
Robert Young Pelton – The Mindset Of An Adventurist

About Robert Young Pelton

Robert Young Pelton is an explorer, adventurer, author, journalist and documentary filmmaker. An iconoclast known for his entry into most of the world’s conflicts over the last twenty five years, Pelton is known for his ability to enter forbidden, deadly and violent places and emerge with a stunning story. His career began with a multi-week profile by ABC News Online called “Dangerous Places” where Pelton invented the “SoJo” concept of nonstop writing, photos, video and interactive reported from the world’s hotspots. From Amazon:

In his forties, Pelton retired from his marketing career to focus on going inside dirty wars, conflicts and dangerous regions to write the cult classic and New York Time’s best seller, The World’s Most Dangerous Places, now in its fifth edition. Complete Bio:


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Roll Hard by Robert Young Pelton and Billy Tucci

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Come Back Alive

Robert Young Pelton Media

The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places

Licensed to Kill: Privatizing the War on Terror

Robert Young Pelton’s The World’s Most Dangerous Places: 5th Edition

Roll Hard

Come Back Alive


Zeroed In: Robert Young Pelton
Trying the change the world with my incredibly naive belief that people are inherently good.” ~RYP

Robert Young Pelton’s, The World’s Most Dangerous Places:Lion of the Panjshir
“When I travel to the worlds most dangerous places, I see the best, and worst in people, and I see it with my own eyes. There is a purity in that. Seeing life for yourself unfiltered by other peoples judgements. And at journeys end I am never really the same person I was at the beginning, but maybe that is the biggest discovery of all” ~RYP

VICE Saving South Sudan Full Length

VICE Vol. 21 No. 4, April 2014: Saving South Sudan

VICE Saving South Sudan

Robert Young Pelton’s The World’s Most Dangerous Places: Liberia Dark Heart
“People don’t like to look at misery” ~ RYP

Robert Young Pelton’s The World’s Most Dangerous Places: Heavy D and the Boys
What you learn from doing this type of travel, from this type of goal. Is that first of all the Earth is round, everyone is your neighbor. We always think there is an imaginary line between countries. There isn’t. Maybe people speak a different language or they have a different cultural background but they all have the same goals and needs and desires and wants. We tend to insulate ourselves in the western world, because we have everything” ~ RYP

“We fool ourselves sometimes we think we don’t need to pay attention to world events, but we do. And More importantly we need to take the time we have to go to these places and listen to these people and share food with them and meet their kids. To understand what life is like for them, so when we come back to our world we make decisions with them in mind” ~ RYP

Killing ISIS

Robert Young Pelton’s, The World’s Most Dangerous Places: Kidnapped

Robert Young Pelton – Dangerous Places Revisited
“We are losing the love of risk, we are letting fear prevent us from being great” ~ RYP
“Never confuse what you are afraid of, with what can kill you” ~ RYP
“If you fear failure you’ve already lost” ~ RYP

Exploring Human Security: Robert Young Pelton Interview

Stories from the Front Lines of the Refugee Crisis

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