Lihi Introp & Edd Edwards – Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy

Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy

Edd Edwards and Lihi Introp are leaders in the field of Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy. As the catalyst for instantaneous healing and energy movement, Edd and Lihi desire to help others heal themselves.

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Media Mentioned

Ancient Aliens
S 14 E 16
The Alien Brain
Oct 11, 2019 | 42m 12s | TV-PG
Telepathy. Precognition. Psychokinesis. Is it possible that the human brain possesses extraordinary untapped abilities–given to us by extraterrestrial beings? Abilities that, once harnessed, will enable the next step in the evolution of humankind?

Bio – Intrinsic Resonant Energy with Edd Edwards and Lihi Introp

Radiant Creators Interview with Edd Edwards, Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy Master

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