Alexander P. Huerta – “God is working a miracle in my life”

Street Sages

Shorter interviews recorded spontaneously during our travels are called “Street Sages – Brief Conversations With Inspired Life Creators“.

About Guest

Alexander P. Huerta is a self-taught, mixed media, visual artist. Alexander started painting in 1996, after a trip to the art store. Alexander has more than 10 wall murals throughout the Las Vegas Arts District. Alexander has owned his art studio, PeaceNart Studio, Located at The “World Famous” Arts Factory, Since Oct. 2008. ~ Source:

Show Links

Interview – SoundCloud

Interview – YouTube

Interview – BitChute

Interview – iTunes

Interview – iHeartRadio

Interview – Spreaker

Interview – MP3
Download complete show as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as”.

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