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About Jackie Jolie

Jackie completely transformed her health by fully embracing the quantum health paradigm & the science behind getting your Light Life Right. She now teaches others how to do the same.

You can find Jackie on Instagram @jolie_en_sol and at her Website Light Shapes Life https://lightshapes.life
Equisol’s mission is to introduce the utilization of light based technology to better both health and performance within the animal industry. Find Equisol on Facebook.
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Meet EquiSol and it’s Founder!🌞

Hi! Im Jackie Jolie!
I am and have been a bodyworker for horses (and dogs and some other exotic animals like goats, peacocks, cats, etc…) for over 10 years. I have had a love for animals since I was a small child. The childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian did not come to fruition, but I believe everything happens for a reason. When I found out about bodywork for animals, it resonated strongly for me and I absolutely love my job! It is truly rewarding to watch an animal allow you to help them and to witness the healing and improvements in their daily movement, connection with their rider, and/or in competitive success.
Throughout the years of working as a holistic and natural based practitioner, I also adapted the same mindset for my own personal health and wellness. I exercised, ate a good diet, and used natural healing methods and medicines if I did get hurt or sick. However, about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease from a tick bite. Through a long process of lots of research and outsourcing help, I was able to heal myself naturally from the disease…but was left with a lot of symptoms that told me my body still had more healing and recovery to do. I was referred by a good friend to Dr Jack Kruse and his education on LIGHT.
Fast forward 4 years and I have never felt better in my whole life!
Like most, I put a lot of emphasis on diet, exercise, and sleep for good health. Those are all important factors to a health and strong body (for us and our animals), but we have forgotten that LIGHT is the foundation to LIFE. Statistics say humans are spending more than 93% of their time indoors and it is truly what has caused such a massive decline in general health and a massive increase in chronic inflammation and disease; and at younger rates.
It a story that is no different for our animals and it is something we dont usually think about or take for granted. I see dogs and cats staying indoors all day while owners are gone to work and then all night once they are home. I see horses staying in a stall for more hours in the day than they are outside (if allowed out at all!!!) Our “pets” are still wild animals at their physioloigcal level (DNA/genetics), as are we “humans” who are also mammals.
This natural light deficiency is causing a general inflammation in the body which leads to a decrease in vitality, strength, and performance for our animals. That is where red/infared light therapy can help. This is why EQUISOL was started. The idea actually came to me while I was in the sun on a beach! I had learned alot about how red and infared light therapy can help our bodies and dreamed up an innovative red/infared light therapy blanket product to bring to the animal industry to help our animals feel better, move better, and perform better!

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