Matt Landman – “Our Existence is the Revolution”

Radiant Creators talked to Matt Landman about his new EMF & RF Protection clothing and accessory company SPERO, 5G roll out, shiny brightly colored poison, beyond left & right duality awaits a peaceful revolution, and many other topics.

More on SPERO

Founded by CEO Activist Matt Landman, Spero Protection Clothing is a one-of-a-kind company, designed to serve humanity. Our mission is to offer a solution to those seeking to mitigate their exposure to EMF radiation.

SPERO EMF Protection Silver Lined Baseball Cap

SPERO Faraday Cell Pouch

From one of Matt’s Facebook Posts

I give it my all as an Activist. Everyday, I put forth as much effort as I can, to represent and proliferate Truth. I know that if I try hard enough and I devote my heart to the cause, I can inspire, empower and make massive waves of Truth in this empire of lies . And finally, as we rise from the ashes of falsehood, Together we will save the species. Much Love.

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Media Talked About During The Show

Snowpiercer Movie

Mike Morales

Sacha Stone
***!! 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT – !!*** (Film by Sacha Stone)

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