Greg Allison At LeakCon2019

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We had the opportunity to talk to Greg Allison a NASA Scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and owner and founder of Green Greg’s Garden and Worm Farm at LeakCon2019. This should conversation could be summarized as, “Community is the way to thrive in the future”. Greg gave a talk on this topic at LeakCon2019 and a second on worm farming specifically. Access to all the talks is well worth the small fee. Greg might be the only NASA Scientist who drives a 1976 Chevy C30 with a 454!

We also talked about the importance of being humble, people waking up, losing the fear of knowledge, The MSM is not your friend, always travel with your your bug-out bag, knowledge is your key component for survival, to thrive you better know how to garden, and a brief look at geopolitics.

The video camera batteries died so the last few minutes are audio only.

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