Les Stroud – Survivorman – “Cultivating a Creative, Passionate and Inspired Life”

Inspired Quotes from Interview with Les Stroud

“There is a muscle memory that is much more spiritual, that builds within our own hearts and passion” ~ Les Stroud

“Whatever I do today, let it effect somebody in a positive way, let it bring about a positive influence in their life and inspire them” ~ Les Stroud

Les Stroud Interview

“Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series Survivorman” ~ Wikipedia

Survivorman video’s are found at Survivorman TV https://smtvnetwork.com/ and more is found at the Les Stroud website http://www.lesstroud.ca/ Another important series touched on during the interview was Les Stroud’s Beyond Survival (Video http://amzn.to/2kGUp5P – Book http://amzn.to/2kfoYvE)

This interview took off into an improvisational exploration into Les Stroud’s view and experience of a creative life. Les was able to delve into and articulate his life effort as a creator. Much of the interview is centered around exploring the below quote.

“In the adventure known as life, there are some that live it vicariously and enjoy the ride from the safety of an armchair, and that’s good. There are those who have a few chances to realize incredible and life changing experiences and though they don’t repeat them they carry with them a growth in personal philosophy for the rest of their lives. And there are those for whome a taste is never enough. For whome the lust for adventure is nearly insatiable. And if you add to that the overwhelming desire to create, and to share, then you get where I reside. For the end of one adventure, only signifies the beginning of another” ~ Les Stroud

Our desire at Radiant Creators is to interview inspiring people and extract inspiration into an audible elixir for listeners. This interview is exactly that!

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