Interview With Marius Landman – The Crypto Revolution And A Free Mind

Marius Landman is an algorithm data analyst, trend forecaster and radiant creator who is rapidly emerging as a well-known and respected voice for Crypto currencies. Marius believes in and lives by the power of DREAMING BIG, and shares with us examples of overcoming impossible odds throughout his life to achieve the success and freedom he enjoys in his life today.

A recent quote Marius shared on social media is an example of the life-affirming ideas we discuss during this interview:

“You predict your own future and what you speak out will transform in reality” ~ Marius Landman

We begin the interview exploring how Marius combined his extensive engineering background with his positive outlook on life to emerge as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic voice for crypto. We move on to how to free your mind from the daily grind and the creative force you will gain from doing so. We finish up talking about creating the life you desire through the very real power of DREAMING BIG.

Marius has +20 years Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental algorithm & statistical data experience in Oil & Gas Operations combined with plant and mechanical engineering safety, linear infrastructure, mining, military, construction, financial and medical facilities. Click here for more

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Media Talked About During Interview

Quote from The Men Who Stare At Goats
Have you heard of Optimum Trajectory before? (No answer) Your life is like a river, Bob. If you’re aiming for a goal that isn’t your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. Find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you. Now sometimes events in life give an individual clues as to where their Destiny lies. Source

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