Spore and Hesher – Creators of Alternate Current Radio

Today we talk to Spore and Hesher, two of the creators of Alternate Current Radio. These two bold truth seekers and speakers took the Red Pill and have not looked back. Their creation, Alternate Current Radio is truly a collaborative tribe of like minded investigative journalism and geopolitical analysis along with grooving music from several DJ’s.

Bio from their site:
About Alternate Current Radio

Alternate Current Radio (ACR) is a grass roots independent media network built from the ground up by a small group of likeminded rebels with a shared enthusiasm for personal freedom, individuality, and liberty… not just here in what used to be a constitutional republic of states but for all the people of planet Earth.

Alternate Current Radio was founded to provide a platform for all the talent we at ACR have discovered in our combined years of participation in broadcasting, blogging, investigative journalism and geopolitical analysis. From the the amazing podcasters, producers and investigative journalists to the revolutionary minds, youtubers, musicians, DJs and artists from all over the world. ACR wants to share our forum and our platform as a meeting place for all our listeners to participate and interact with their favorite ACR shows, hosts, DJs and other like minded listeners.

Join us at Alternate Current Radio and leave the propaganda blitz, advertising assaults and fear campaigns of typical Main Stream Media and Alternative Media outlets behind with an informative and entertaining set of talk shows and eclectic DJs playing music for all types of listeners between our talk show presentations.

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Radiant Creators Interview with Edd Edwards, Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy Master

Edd Edwards, a master manipulator of energy and founder of the Kituwah Institute, Energy Health and Healing. Edd’s mastery of energy, defined as Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy allows his clients to heal themselves in a process he calls “Tune Ups”. Edd is able to direct this powerful energy in-person and remotely over distance. Edd adamantly says he is not a healer, instead Edd “Tunes Up” the neural energy system of the body and enables people to heal themselves.
Over the past 26 years, Edd’s unique gift has attracted the attention of well-known physicists and research scientists such as the distinguished physicist, Dr. William Levengood. Levengood successfully measured and quantified Edd’s energy output in his laboratory, and as a result, Edd’s unique gift has been studied by prestigious institutions such as University of Virginia and The Rhine Research Center in the Bio-Energy Emissions Lab. The research conducted on Edd is documented and can be found on his website.

Edd can “Tune Up” one or many people at a time, and can be contacted via his website eddedwards.com to schedule sessions. Edd’s dream is to have a healing center where his life’s work is taught – especially to children. This dream is coming to form and Edd confidently says “It will happen when source wills it”. Let’s hope that is soon! Find more about Edd at his website, Eddedwards.com.

BONUS! During this interview, Edd gives our listeners a free energetic “Tune Up”.

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Radiant Creators Interview: Hector Jesus Arencibia, author of Letters from Wanderlust

Today we interview Hector Jesus Arencebia, author of the book, Letters from Wanderlust.  Hector experienced a profound transformation after years of living the destructive lifestyle as a Miami party boy.  He’ll discuss waking up one fateful morning, and suddenly realizing he needed to dramatically change the course of his life. Hector sold off his possessions, including his beloved matador-red Lexus, and purchased a one-way ticket around the world. His first book, Letters from Wanderlust details his courageous and transformative journey as well as his spiritual insights.



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Radiant Creators Interview Andrew Martin

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Andrew Martin is a Teacher, Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Rebel who makes his living providing guidance to others by using his finely tuned intuition, wisdom, compassion and fiery humor. His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible to others is bringing revolutionary insight to his growing list of clients. His down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change and is a catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation. More about his work can be found on his website, thelightedones.com

One of the highlights of Andrew’s teachings is his monthly Energy Updates posted on YouTube. When we first came upon his Energy Updates, we found them very entertaining, but soon realized that they’re much, much more than entertainment. Andrew is deeply tapped into energetic patterns affecting all of us and helps clarify what many of us are sensing, but can’t quite put into words. Andrew is ON IT.

I met Andrew for this interview in the far outskirts of Seattle at his sunny apartment, and one of the first things I noticed upon meeting him in person was his warmth and humanness.