The Concept of Ascension Defined

Talk of earth-bound comets, climate change, X-class solar flares, super volcano eruptions, killer viruses, nuclear weapons – the list could go on and on. This brings us to the concept of ascension and an attempt to define.

“The cave you fear to enter
Holds the treasure you seek”
~ Joseph Campbell

Throughout time, human beings have believed the end is near

From the Biblical apocalypse to the Hindu yugas, to the legend of the Hopi blue star Kachina, cultures throughout the world believe a cataclysmic event is looming. Additionally, there is talk of earth-bound comets, climate change, X-class solar flares, super volcano eruptions, killer viruses, nuclear weapons – the list could go on and on.

Apocalypse Source:
Top 10 Religious Beliefs About the Apocalypse

This brings us to the concept of ascension.

What is the concept of Ascension?

David Wilcock says “35 different ancient cultures talk about ascension as a spontaneous evolution of the human being to a higher form”. Wilcock also says “Everybody gets what they need out of this event, and the event is some kind of energetic release from the sun”. Lastly regarding each individual’s experience of ascension Wilcock adds, “What you experience is what you invite”.

David Wilcock – MAY 05, 2017 The Ascension Mysteries Potentially Working with a Fallacy (NEW)

What might cause ascension?

Might the possibility of a Galactic Superwave affect human consciousness? Scientists from Starburst Research are studying the existence of intense cosmic ray particles that travel from the center of our galaxy. These particles produced abrupt changes to the Earth’s climate when the superwave impacted our solar system around 14,000 years ago. Could this also effect human DNA and consciousness.

Dr. Paul LaViolette of The Starburst Foundation

Jordan Sather of the popular YouTube channel, Destroying The Illusion speculates on the concept that our solar system is moving through space and heading for an area of the universe that contains a powerful source of energy. This energy may affect the behavior of our Sun. Could the change in the sun be capable of profoundly adjusting human consciousness? A well done speculation merging spirituality and science is achieved in this video.

The Science of Ascension – A Quantum Solar Shift
Here is a gathering of different physicists research in an effort to explain what the heck is going on with our solar system, and what it means for us.

Andrew Martin of in a post from July 18, 2017 shares his intuitive feelings on the current ascension energies being quite intense. Andrew’s YouTubes are like the “Ascension Nightly News”, and very worth following. Two quotes from Andrew’s recent post below that might inspire more investigation if they resonate with you.

“When Spirit is calling me away from my comfort zone, life becomes more and more uncomfortable until I say “OK”, surrender, and let it carry me to the next experience”.

“Just like when you have downloaded new operating software and need to reboot your computer, it goes dark for a second as it configures and installs the new info, then it restarts and the light comes back on. Right now we are upgrading our operating systems in a major way”.

2017 Energy Update – The Super Cell Energy Wave

Ascension and Earth Changes

Let’s touch on ascension and Earth Changes. Does ascension effect the Earth’s physical reality? As Wilcock states, “What you experience is what you invite”. My opinion is ascension is unique to each individual. To some it is enhanced wisdom and expanded consciousness, and for some apocalyptic. Ascension truly brings to light “What is internal and external are the same”.

Massive changes to the Earth may have occurred historically possibly wiping out much of humanity. Graham Hancock is a pioneer in the archaeology related to this possibility. His material is laid out on the Joe Rogan Experience below.

Joe Rogan Experience #961 – Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Michael Shermer

If interested a deeper view into Graham Hancock.
David Wilcock Interviews Graham Hancock: Setting History Free!

Graham Hancock’s latest book “Magicians of the Gods” goes into deep details on historic physical Earth changes.

Ascension Energy is Affecting EVERYONE!

This new awareness is making people crazy, have you noticed?

Conscious evolution affecting those experiencing ascension energy appears to kick down doors locked by our hearts and minds. This new energy brings our deepest darkness, pain and repressed emotions to light. If we aren’t ready to face those difficulties, they’re going to make themselves apparent whether we’re ready or not. So you might have noticed increased anxieties and fear among the population.

Many aren’t ready for this flash flood of emotion and challenging life situations which leads to resistance of what IS. Andrew Martin quips, “The river doesn’t stop and have a breakdown when it hits a boulder”. Thus, the best way to approaches these turbulent times is to take them as they come.

Source for river quote:
Are You Fixed or in the Flow?

Conflict with friends and family during ascension

Individuals choosing to navigate the ascension for their own evolution might find conflict, push back, and skepticism from friends and loved ones. This is because not everyone is ready, aware, or interested in conscious growth. It is essential not to preach at or attempt to fix others who are unwilling.

In a helpful YouTube Destroying The Illusion speaks on
“Tips to Help Bring Someone onto the Awakening Path”

Ascension Symptoms

Many individuals claim to consciously feel physical symptoms of ascension, such as headaches, loss of energy, dizziness – there are far too many to mention here and lists abound on the internet. Going to visit with Destroying The Illusion again on this topic.

Managing Ascension Symptoms with Holistic Health Balancing (1/7)

Epsom Salt baths are a personal favorite for charging up with good energy and relaxing.

Approaching the Ascension

A positive approach to the ascension is to be a Radiant Creator! As David Wilcock states, “What you experience is what you invite”. The impeccable Radiant Creator who expresses their purpose, passion, courage and determination will thrive during the ascension. So, is the end near… or is this just the beginning?

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure”
~ Joseph Campbell



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